Bentley revamps dealerships with ‘Contemporary Luxury’

CW1 House is Bentley's new flagship dealership at the factory in Crewe
CW1 House is Bentley’s new flagship dealership at the factory in Crewe

The latest Bentley concept to hit the showrooms will be… the showrooms.

Unveiled in November 2014, the new flagship dealership will be “CW1 House” based at the company’s Headquarters in Crewe, and shows how the new Corporate Identity, recently established on the new Bentley Motors Website, will look across the company’s distributor network.

Tactile environments using the same luxurious materials found in the cars, will help clients experience a fully immersive environment, when visiting a Bentley Dealer to discuss their preferences for their next acquisition, or commission.

Inside, the new dealerships will feature textures familiar to Bentley owners

Over the next few years Bentley dealerships across the world will begin to conform to the new design language, starting with new “flagship stores” in Dubai, Beijing, Los Angeles and London. The environment allows customers to relax in the presence of the latest models, and to take their time in picking out all the little details that will go into their individualised Bentley.

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