Bentley smart phone

Bentley has announced the release of its first branded smartphone, designed and built in England by luxury mobile phone artisans, Vertu.

 (Images: Bentley Motors)
Click on the phone for video

The partnership between these two luxury brands began in July 2014 and the first handset to go on sale will be strictly limited to 2000 pieces. It expected there will be 4 further devices produced for Bentley, over the course of the 5-year partnership and each will feature Vertu’s Concierge service and exclusive Bentley Motors content.

“It combines English handcraftsmanship, contemporary elegance, outstanding performance and cutting-edge technology.”
– Massimiliano Pogliani, CEO, Vertu

The device has been designed in close co-operation with Bentley’s creative team to ensure that the handset has the unmistakable style and texture of a Bentley. The lightweight, knurled-titanium phone is ensconced in supple calf-hide, the chosen colour being Bentley’s traditional “Newmarket Tan”.

Just as Bentley’s engines are signed by the craftsman who built it, so too is the “Vertu for Bentley” smartphone. Lifting the small titanium panel on the back reveals the signature of the individual who constructed the device at Vertu’s workshop in Church Crookham, England.

The smartphone uses what Vertu describes as “Best-in-class technology with superior handcrafted materials.” This includes a sapphire crystal screen, which is highly scratch resistant, and Dolby Surround-Sound acoustics developed in collaboration with Bang & Olufsen. To ensure the imaging is crystal clear, Vertu has called on the services of Hasselblad, the world-leading photography brand, to develop the device’s inbuilt camera.

Additional features include wireless charging and Android 4.4 “KitKat” Software which incorporates Near-field Communication (NFC) to allow contact-less payments. Owners of the Bentley Flying Spur, will also have access to the Touch Screen Remote feature that enables interaction with their car’s settings from the device.

The Touch Screen Remote system from the Flying Spur is integrated into the new Smartphone (Image: Bentley Motors)
The Touch Screen Remote system from the Flying Spur is integrated into the new Smartphone

The “Vertu for Bentley” device is available from Vertu Boutique stores around the world and, as you’re wondering, it’s priced at £10,700.

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