Bentley names first SUV Bentayga

After months of teaser images and videos, Bentley have revealed the name, if little else, about the forthcoming off-road model.  The world’s most luxurious, and expensive 4×4 will be known as the Bentayga – named after a prominent rock formation on the Canary Islands.

The front end of the Bentayga has been significantly improved over the EXP9F concept.

Announcing the new name at the Detroit Motor Show, Bentley CEO, Wolfgang Dürheimer, summed up the purpose of the Bentayga as to “combine the best automotive luxury with outstanding performance to take the Bentley experience to new environments.”  Dürheimer confirmed that 4000 orders had already been taken for the new car. Any immediate criticism of the name, of which there has been a lot, will almost certainly be shrugged off.

Having said that, the original concept, codenamed EXP9F, wasn’t well received when it was unveiled. As the teaser image above shows, the controversial front end styling has already been given a significant makeover before its official launch later in 2015. The name however is less likely to change.

The rock formation in The Canaries bears a mild resemblance to another equally spectacular formation in the British Isles. The “Inaccessible Pinnacle” in the Cuillin Mountain range has, perhaps, a more appropriate name for this type of car, but admittedly, it sounds less exotic than “Bentayga”.  But did great rival Rolls-Royce have this somewhere in mind when choosing to name its SUV project after the famous diamond “Cullinan”?

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