Bentley’s retreat

It’s no exaggeration to say that the key to your Bentley unlocks more than just a car door. Bentley has increasingly woven the luxurious essence of its cars into the lifestyles of their owners, whether it be their handcrafted Vertu Smartphone or a Bentley upholstered barber-chair at their favourite London grooming salon.

But now you can enjoy some of that trademark Bentley luxury while traveling the world. Whether you are jetting into New York for an overnight stop, or stepping off the Orient Express in Istanbul, you will find a bespoke Bentley suite at the St. Regis Hotels in both cities. Each room is designed specifically for the type of hotel, so expect to glide into a world of art-deco decadence in ‘The Big Apple’,  or one of continental sophistication where East meets West.

But what if you are the more adventurous, outdoors type? Well, Bentley has catered for you too, by opening the exclusive Bentley Lodge, nestled among the Austrian Alps. Your own little alpine retreat is situated at the foot of the imperious Streif ski run on the Hahnenkamm Mountain, just by the edge of Kitzbühel city centre.

Finished in all the luxurious textures and materials you’d expect to find in a Bentley, it retains the rustic, regional charm of the forester’s lodge it had been since it was built in 1919 – coincidentally, the same year WO Bentley and his brother went into business building cars.


If you can’t take your car with you, a brand new Bentley will be made available to you during your stay, and if you don’t yet own a Bentley, everything you’d need to commission your own is available at The Lodge. It may well be one of the most intimate car buying experiences in the world.

Guests have access to all the facilities on offer at the equally exclusive Kitzbühel Country Club nearby, so if skiing isn’t on your itinerary there will still be plenty to keep you active (or inactive) any time of the year in this beautiful region of Central Europe.

Prices start at €880 per night for the off-peak season rising to €1580 per night for the winter skiing and New Year period.

Sandra Zanetti, Director Kitzbühel Country Club, and Robert Engstler, Regional Director Europe for Bentley Motors

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