Bentley introduces Apple Watch App

Bentley owners are used to being in control. Whether they’re behind the wheel on a drive through The Continent, or signing off a multi-million pound deal from the back seat, the sense of being in total control gives them the confidence to make the bold decisions they have to make. Bentley has now made it easy for owners to control their environment simply by adjusting the bezel of their watch.

Creating the perfect environment has long been an obsession of the Crewe firm. Ever since “Press-button window lifts” (electric windows)  were fitted to the Bentley S2 in 1959, rear passengers have been able to reach out and control their own climate without the inconvenience of asking their chauffeur to do it. In more recent models a modular remote control system can be popped out of the rear centre console to let passengers play with their environment, and by incorporating these same controls into Vertu for Bentley Smartphones the company introduced a level of lifestyle integration long sought after by Bentley owners. 

Bentley have recognised that many of their owners find the convenience and utility of the Apple Watch gives them the control they crave over so much of their lifestyle, so owners of the new Bentayga will now be able to control their climate and comfort settings with their watch. 

Bentley and Apple enjoy a close relationship with both brands being seen as at the leading edge of style, technology and performance. With that in mind the app will allow owners to see performance info, such as current speed, so back seat passengers will be able to tell at a glace if James is sparing the horses. 

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