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Something About Bentley
‘Something About Bentley’ is an independent website for anyone with an interest in the Bentley Marque. It features galleries of new, classic and vintage Bentley models, and articles about the products, history, accessories and lifestyle available to enthusiasts of this fascinating brand.

As the site develops, it will include interviews with people close to the brand, and videos showcasing Bentley models of all ages.

The ambitious plans for the site will only be realised by interactive contributions by fans, followers, sponsors and patrons. The site is ultimately for your enjoyment, so your comments and feedback will help to shape the site as it grows. Please feel free to leave comments or e-mail us directly with your questions, suggestions or ideas.


If you wish to support the site with a financial contribution we offer followers the ability to become patrons through the crowdfunding resource site, Patreon.

No amount is considered too small, and every donation goes to improving your enjoyment of the site, whether in the design and layout of the site, or the quality of video, audio, photographic and written content, bringing you closer to the Bentley experience.

The site is not affiliated with the manufacturer, Bentley Motors Ltd. All opinions expressed are the author’s own, and no payments or instructions have been given by the company to promote the brand or its products. If any kind of sponsorship is involved in the production of any part of the site, the nature of the sponsorship will be explicitly stated.  All images and videos, unless stated otherwise, are sourced from Bentley Motors Ltd media resources.

Business enquiries:
For sponsorship or other business enquiries, please e-mail Ally Campbell in the first instance via somethingaboutbentley@gmail.com. If you own a Bentley, of any ages or type, and would like it to feature in a video or article on this site, please get in touch.

Something about Ally
Ally Campbell has spent most of his adult life behind the wheel of luxury cars. Having started out working behind the scenes at a BMW dealership in Glasgow, he went on to forge a career in professional driving – chauffeuring VIPs, teaching new drivers, and delivering specialist vehicles across the country.  These days, he shares his unique perspective on the great cars that still manage to set his pulse racing.


If you spot any errors we may have overlooked, we don’t mind being told where we’ve gone wrong. We’ll try to correct any mistakes immediately.